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  Franck R. TASSI - Paintings - Sculptures - Art Installations -


Franck R. TASSI
- Paintings - Sculptures - Art Installations -

Franck Roger Tassi was born in Nice, France in 1942, the country, where he later on studied electronic engineering before he, 24 years of age, decided to settle down on the beautiful & inspiring island of IBIZA in 1964.

While managing various commercial activities over the years, he was in his spare time, inspired in creating paintings or artistic structures (fixed) and installations (mobile),  using his technical knowledge.

His artworks such as sculptures, paintings, animated paintings, illuminated paintings & illuminated structures present a mixture of various elements resulting from his concern about the relation of man confronted with the universe, society or technology and often his style of expression shows man as creator as well as victim and as prisoner of or even slave of his own inventions.

In these – sometimes, unbearable situations – there always remains an omnipresent sense of humor, which Franck, autodidact, considers the supreme form of criticism.

Franck R. Tassi - Paintings - Sculptures - Art Installations -

’Nothing is thrown away nothing goes to waste, everything can be recreated’
- Franck R. Tassi


  Ibiza Exhibitions Franck R. Tassi

You can enjoy photographs of Franck’s amazing artworks on the bottom of this page, but we truly recommend you to see them exposed in full & live,
in order to experience all spectacular movements & lights
of his animations & installations in the most perfect way. 

- From 4 to 24 July, 2010 Franck R. Tassi held an exhibition @ ATZARÓ Agroturismo IBIZA

Opening Franck Tassi Exhibition: in the recently renovated Far de ses Coves Blanques (the Old 
   Lighthouse of San Antonio), now: Centre d’Interpretacio de la Mar

Franck R. TASSI Exhibition:

VIVA YO @ Centre d’Interpretacio de la Mar
                   San Antonio, Ibiza

                            (Far de ses Coves Blanques = The Old Lighthouse)

OPENING Friday 14 January 2011, 19.30pm
Exhibitions runs until 29 January 2011

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am - 13 pm & from 16 pm - 19 pm

Franck R. TASSI Exhibition: VIVA YO @ Centre d’Interpretacio de la Mar San Antonio, Ibiza - from Friday 14 January 2011 till Saturday 29 January 2011

  Franck Tassi video


  Inspired on two Artworks of Franck Tassi
The American artist, Egold recently realized a really interesting artwork, based on two statues of Franck Tassi. The artwork is property of the Foundation of Art of the
Hotel Negresco in Nice.

Artwork by the American artist, Egold, inspired on two statues of Franck R. Tassi

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